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Boot Camp Feb 25-End of April 2024

Starting Fresh

On behalf of our entire league, welcome to the Whidbey Island Roller Derby (WIRD) Fresh Meat Boot Camp! We are excited to have you here! You will be hearing terms such as “booters”, “fresh meat” or “newbies”, but don’t be insulted; these are terms of endearment in derby.


If you want to be involved with WIRD, we want you here, too! That includes people who want to referee (on skates) and people who want to be off skates officials. You'll have a chance to learn the officiating side of derby!


Welcome, Freshie, on your journey into the world of Women’s* Flat Track Roller Derby!

*An individual who identifies as a trans woman, intersex woman, and/or gender expansive may skate as a player with WIRD if women’s flat track roller derby is the version and composition of roller derby with which they most closely identify. Referees and NSOs of any gender expression are welcome.

What we expect of you


Roller derby requires a commitment of your time. In boot camp, you will be expected to make practices on Sundays 6:00-9:00pm and Tuesdays 6:00-7:30pm. After boot camp, league practices are currently Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00-9:00 pm. On league scrimmage days, you will be asked to officiate or observe while you are still in boot camp. This will help you to understand the game more clearly and quickly. If you must be absent, please let us know.



At WIRD, we consider ourselves athletes and dress as such. Active wear meant for working out is highly recommended.



You are expected to try to the best of your ability. Everyone succeeds differently. Don’t get hung up on what you can’t do yet. You will get there only by persevering.



If you have any questions, please ask. If you have any concerns, let us know. If you have feedback, we’d love to hear it. Part of being on a team is to work together and the only way to do that well is to be willing communicators. We have many avenues to do so. You can post to our Boot Camp Facebook group or private message; you can email us individually or at; you can approach us at practices, but please, do not hesitate to speak up. You will be asked to join a Boot Camp Facebook group, where you will find valuable information.

What you need to get started

The following are required to skate:

  • Quad speed/derby skates (the Roller Barn offers rentals for $5 for worst case scenario but it is highly recommended to bring your own)

  • Certified Helmet

  • Knee and Elbow pads

  • Wrist guards

  • Mouth Guard

  • USARS Insurance (see fb group for more information)

You may also want to have:

  • Water Bottle

  • Gym Shoes (for off skates workouts)

  • Skate tool for wheels, axle nuts and toe stops.

  • Duct tape and/or toe guards

  • Padded shorts

  • Outdoor wheels

  • Extra “parts”

  • Laces

  • Toe stops

  • Wheels

  • Mouth guard

  • Axle nuts

  • Bearings

Now, after you've spent the money on all of your gear, please take care of it. When you get out of practice, air out your gear. You will sweat, bacteria will fester, it will stink. Do not leave your gear in your bag. If you have any questions regarding gear maintenance, please ask.

The Boot Camp Experience



Skating Skills & Intro to Derby

  • Ongoing

  • Must have USARS Insurance- go to fb group for more info. ($85, lasts through August)

This class is for anyone new to skating or roller derby. No previous experience required. All "Derby Training." Practices at this level are non-contact. Not sure if derby is for you? This is the place to start. You'll learn starting, stopping, form, crossovers, general skater fitness and other principles of derby skills.



Derby Training

  • Ongoing

  • Must have USARS Insurace- go to fb group for more info.

  • Must obtain WFTDA Insurance ($70, for the year)

Once you finish Level 1, you will be moved into this intermediate class we call "Derby Training". We will spend time refining some of the skills you learned in Level 1 and introduce roller derby contact*, strength & endurance training, and develop an understanding of the WFTDA Ruleset.

Level 3

Tryout Training

  • Ongoing

  • Must have USARS Insurace- go to fb group for more info.

  • Must have WFTDA insurance.

  • Must pay League Dues ($50/month)

Level 3 is preparation for minimum skills to become a WIRD skater or referee. You will experience game play, scrimmage scenarios, and drills. You will work on strengthening your skills to prepare you for gameplay.

Level 4

WFTDA Ruleset

  • Ongoing

  • Must have USARS Insurace- go to fb group for more info.

  • Must have WFTDA Insurance

  • Must pay League Dues

In Level 4 you will learn more about our team and strategy as you prepare to join the league. You will experience gameplay through scrimmage scenarios and use rules knowledge in real time.

*Please note: Though men are welcome to participate in our practices, contact drills will be female identifying and gender expansive participants only.

What you can expect from us

The WIRD Training Committee is dedicated to making you the best derby athletes and referees you can be. Our sport is an ever-evolving one and we constantly research our sport for the latest studies in the roller derby athlete’s body; the best techniques for teaching you basic to advanced skills; and the most effective and relevant drills. We will provide you with the proper skating and safety skills that you need to be successful.


Our future skaters will work closely with our veteran skaters. Our prospective referees will work closely with our officiating team, Whidbey Island Roller Derby Officials, or WIRD-Os. Please keep in mind; no one on our league is paid. Our coaching staff, our training committee members, our skaters, and officials all dedicate their time to making this league all that it is simply because they love the sport. We hope that in the coming weeks that you will share that same affinity for roller derby.


We are glad that you’re here and excited to work with you. Welcome to the WIRD Family!

All dates and times are subject to change.
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